Create Space For Yourself With These Technology Tips

Today’s post is a guest post courtesy of Mary Caelsto over at Unscramblet. She’s talking about using technology to stop the overuse of technology, which at first seems hypocritical but she offers some really, really solid points and steps you can take to... read more

An important announcement!

I promised a few days ago in the #selfmade Facebook ground that I would do a little video to explain some of the changes you might have noticed, not only in the group but on the website as well – and some changes you’re going to see more of coming down the... read more

You’re not broken.

What’s wrong with you? Don’t get mad at me, hear me out. I know you don’t have the success you want yet sweetheart, and a lot of that probably has to do with you holding back from being 100% you in your biz (I mean, otherwise you’d probably be... read more

Why I Don’t Coach Startups Anymore

You would think, since I partially became internet famous for coaching startups, that I would be *all about* the startup phase. And the reality is, if you haven’t noticed, I am. I love how new and exciting it all is, how blessed we are to live in a time and a... read more

The Tipping Points

What is a tipping point? I like to think of it as a period in time that can make or break a business. In that moment, you can win or lose. Go baller or go broke. Level up or lose it all. People think the tipping points are the BIG moments. The launches, the rebrands,... read more

How I Work 20 Hours a Week (Most of the time…)

Part of the joy of being an entrepreneur is getting to set your own schedule. But one of the worst things about being an entrepreneur… Is setting your own schedule. I know, that sounds contradictory but with great power comes great responsibility. When you have... read more


You know that thing you want to do? The thing that scares you? The thing that isn’t going to work? The thing that everyone says is stupid? The thing that isn’t big enough? The thing that is too big? The thing no one will buy? The thing too many people are... read more

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